Enter Tieffe Photo Contest 2023

and win an amazing prize by Apple!

Are you a Tieffe Group s.r.l client or supplier who made at least one shipment in the past two years? If the answer is yes, then you can participate to win a  iPhone, a  iWatch or a iPad.

For the year 2023 Tieffe Group s.r.l is running a funny photo contest: you don’t have to be a photo guru to participate, all you need is a nice view, a touch of creativity and… a mug. Yes, you read it right, a beautiful mug with the new Tieffe Group logo. The mugs with the new logo will be distributed during international meetings where Tieffe Group participates, at the various Tieffe Group locations, or: you can request them through the mail at the address: info@tieffe-group.it

The mug is sent as a gift and shipping costs are borne by Tieffe Group

Is extremely easy to participate in the contest once you have the mug, you just have to follow three simple steps.

  1. Take some pictures that highlight the mug and its logo, choose a particular place, background or an important element of your city or country, or create a funny picture with your dog or cat. Use your imagination and have fun creating something impactful.
  2. Post the pictures (a maximum of two) on one or more social networks of your choice: LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram, put Like, and tag Tieffe Group account:
  • Instagram: @tieffegroupsrl
  • Facebook: @tieffegroup
  • Linkedin: @TieffeGroupSrl

Also add this hashtag: #tieffecontest2023

  1. Register to the site foryou.tieffe-group.it by filling out the form at fill out the form below.

Photos will be checked and judged by a team of photography experts who will start by choosing the best 10 and, then, in early 2024, the top three winning photos.

Jury’s judgement will be based on the following: creativity, originality, likeability, iconographic quality, coherence with the theme. It’s a photographic contest, yes, but it’s not for professional photographers, that’s why the quality of the shot won’t influence like the other parameters. Shots with typical elements of the participant’s city or country will be considered more valuable, for example: a photo with a cup and Eiffel Tower.

The authors of the first three best photographs will be awarded:

  • First prize: a iPhone
  • Second prize: a iPad
  • Third prize: a iWatch

You can send and submit your photos until midnight on Dec. 31, 2023.

Get involved with Tieffe Group and win!

Form di iscrizione al Tieffe Contest 2023




    Name of the company I work for:

    Did I remember to upload the picture on social media accounts? (the picture must not be restricted by privacy settings, it has to be visible for all to see). Did I remember to like at least one of Tieffe Group’s social media accounts? Did I use the hashtags?

    Link to my picture posted on my social network profile::

    Second link (opzionale):

    I need to upload the picture on social networks first, then I’ll come back to this page to sign up.