On the occasion of the launch of the new logo, TIEFFE GROUP S.R.L., represented by the legal representative, Mr. Lorenzo FAORO, tax code 01716160492, with registered office in Pisa, Via Gioacchino Volpe, 126, organizes the photo contest entitled ‘TIEFFE CONTEST 2023.’ The purpose of the contest is to showcase, through photography, the extensive network of collaborators and clients that TIEFFE GROUP S.R.L. boasts worldwide.

All submitted photographs will become part of the archive of the company promoting the call and may be used in communication channels with their respective credits. The admitted and winning photographs, selected by a special jury, will be published online and printed to be exhibited within the headquarters and branches of TIEFFE GROUP S.R.L.


Art. 1 – Participation in the Photo Contest

Participation in the contest is free and open to all clients, agents, and collaborators of TIEFFE GROUP S.R.L., amateur photographers, of legal age, of any nationality, and residing anywhere, except for Russia, Belarus, and Iran, who have received the mug with the new logo of the organizing company. The only condition for receiving the mug is to have made at least one shipment with TIEFFE GROUP S.R.L. in the years 2022/2023. The mugs will be distributed by the collaborators of the organizing company, or they can be requested by people who meet the aforementioned requirements, writing an email to socialmedia@tieffe-group.it. However, the organizing company reserves the incontestable right to accept the participation request of people who do not meet the aforementioned conditions, using the utmost discretion. The acceptance or refusal of the participation request in the contest will be communicated to the applicant by email within 30 days from the receipt of the request.

Art. 2 – Types of Photographs

Each contest participant can submit no more than two photographs. Otherwise, the organizing company reserves the incontestable right to exclude the participant. The photographs, produced with both digital and analog cameras, or taken with smartphones, can be in color or black and white. The photos must be in jpg format, with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi, with a minimum size of 1 MB and a maximum of 10 MB (minimum: 20.5 × 29.5 cm; maximum: 29 × 39 cm).

The files of the photographs must be named as follows: NameSurname_Title_X (where X represents the progressive number of the submitted photos). It is recommended to provide the necessary data to allow the correct attribution of the works. All transmitted works that do not allow a certain attribution of the author will be automatically excluded. The organization, while ensuring the utmost care for the received material, declines any responsibility for the loss of works due to causes beyond its control.

The participants’ photographs must necessarily contain the image of the received mug, whose TIEFFE GROUP S.R.L. logo must be clearly visible and easily readable, without any blurring.

If requested, participants must provide the uncompressed original files (JPEG or PNG digital files) of their works to the organizing company or the jury members of the contest, under penalty of exclusion from the contest.

Participants must attach to the work the declaration that the work is original and unpublished, conceived and produced for this contest, the result of their own ingenuity, as well as the authorization for the processing of personal data

Article 3 – Registration for the contest

The photographs must be posted on the participant’s Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin account and must have the official Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin profile tag of the organizing company. The hashtag ‘#tieffecontest2023’ must also be included.

After posting the photos as indicated, the participant must register at the address https://foryou.tieffe-group.it/en/contest-2023/. Failure to provide the following information will result in exclusion: name, surname, place and date of birth, telephone number, email address, residential address, and a copy of an identification document, along with a release form for the transfer of copyrights and photos.

After registration, the participant will receive an email confirming or denying admission to the contest if the criteria are not met. It should be noted that no other form of photo submission will be accepted for any reason.

Article 4 – Submission of photographic material

The photographic material may be submitted from the date of publication of these regulations, which is 20.03.2023. The deadline for the submission of entries is set at 24:00 on December 31, 2023. However, the organizing company reserves the right to extend this deadline for no more than 3 months at its sole discretion.

The material submitted by contest participants will not be returned but will remain fully available to the organizing company.

Article 5 – Jury and evaluation parameters

The photographs will be evaluated by a technical jury of two people, consisting of communication, promotion, art, and image professionals. If one of the jurors is unable to participate due to unforeseen circumstances, they will be replaced by another equally competent technical juror, and this will be promptly announced on the contest’s website.

Both during the collection of photographs and during the evaluation, the jury will act in good faith, respecting the confidentiality of the information provided by the participants and adhering to professional best practices.

The jury’s evaluations will be based on the following parameters/concepts: creativity, originality, sympathy, iconographic quality, and adherence to the contest theme. In particular, shots with typical elements of the participant’s city and/or nation (e.g., a photograph with a cup and the Eiffel Tower) will be valued. It should be noted that, as the contest is open to non-professional photographers, the quality of the shot will be given less weight than the aforementioned parameters. The jury’s decision is final.

The jury reserves the right to reject images that are presumed to have caused any damage and/or offense or are otherwise incongruous with the contest’s themes and purposes. The jury’s decision on the non-admission of entries is final.

Article 6 – Prizes

The prizes for the winners consist of:

  • First Place: Apple iPhone – Model of commercial value €800/900
  • Second Place: Apple iPad – Model of commercial value €500/600
  • Third Place: Apple iWatch – Model of commercial value €300/400.

Unclaimed prizes will be converted into cash and donated to the Telethon Foundation.

Article 7 – Use of submitted photographic material

Each author retains intellectual property rights to the photographs submitted to the contest but grants the contest organizer the unlimited right to use the images free of charge, which may publish and/or disseminate the same with the sole obligation to cite the author and/or authors of the work.

Article 8 – Rights and responsibilities of participants

Each author is responsible for the content of the images submitted and releases the contest organizer from any potential consequences, including claims for moral and material damages from third parties. The submission of images by the participant to the photography contest presupposes that the participant owns the copyright related to the images and any necessary releases of any persons depicted. In particular, participants must inform those depicted in the cases and in the ways provided for by Article 13 of the European Regulation EU 2016/679 on the protection of personal data, as well as obtain their consent to the dissemination of the same, under penalty of exclusion from the contest.

Under no circumstances may the submitted works contain data that can be considered sensitive, under penalty of exclusion from the contest. Under no circumstances will denigrating or demeaning images of the subjects depicted be admitted. Based on the provisions established, the contest organizer cannot be held responsible for disputes regarding the authorship of the images or any other consequences related to the images subject to the photography contest.

Art. 9 – Processing of personal data

In relation to Articles 13 and 23 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 on the protection of individuals and other subjects with regard to the processing of personal data, it is hereby communicated that the personal and identifying data of each participant will be entered and recorded in the archive of TIEFFE GROUP s.r.l. and used exclusively for the purposes related to the competition referred to in the title, as well as to identify the authors of the photographs on various occasions in which they will be exhibited or published. Participants’ data will not be communicated or disclosed to third parties. The interested party may exercise all the rights provided for in Article 7 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 and may request free cancellation, integration or modification by writing to the mail to: socialmedia@tieffe-group.it”. The provision of data and consent to their processing are necessary conditions for participation in the competition.

Art. 10 – Changes to the rules

If necessary and in order to improve the running of the competition, the organizing company reserves the right to make changes to these rules, committing to promptly and punctually report such changes on the event’s website (‘www.foryou.tieffe.group.it’).

Art. 11 – Obligations of Participants and Jurisdiction

The submission of the application to the initiative implies the complete and unconditional acceptance of the contents of these rules. In case of disputes regarding the interpretation or execution of this competition notice, the parties will first try to reach a solution through an out-of-court settlement. In the absence of an agreement, the competent jurisdiction is that of Pisa