Dunlop Cup is a motorcycle competition organized by EMG EVENTS and it’s named after one of the world’s leading companies of motorcycle tires. This competition started in 2018 and is intended for young riders that compete with motorcycles with different cc.

Riders compete in several races, each of which includes qualifying rounds and a final race. This competition is fiercely contested and it offers, to motorcycle enthusiasts, the opportunity to witness exciting and spectacular races.

Dunlop Cup aims to discover new talents in two-wheel racings and to provide them an opportunity to develop and improve their skills.

This year’s championship has some news regarding the 600 category. It’s no longer divided into PRO and ROOKIE but, instead, it’s divided into 600 SSP and 600 New Generation (or BIG SSP: meaning medium cc with a bigger engine capacity than the classic 600cc), with completely separate awards and rankings.

The other category involves, instead, 1000cc motorcycles. And it’s still divided into PRO and ROOKIE.

Tieffe Group sponsors Rider Mattia Paolucci and GRANDI CORSE Team

Mattia Paolucci is 2023 official rider for the Team GRANDI CORSE, a nationally famous stable with DUCATI. He races for the Dunlop Cup 600 New Generation (BIG SSP). Tieffe Group, as a sponsor, stands by Mattia and Team GRANDI CORSE. During previous years Tieffe Group has also been Mattia Paolucci’s sponsor. Following him in his growth and supporting him in races.

Mattia Paolucci
Mattia Paolucci

As a sponsor, Tieffe Group can offer free VIP tickets to its customers and suppliers to attend the Dunlop Cup races.

To get the tickets you have to fill out the form below at least 20 days before the race and wait for us to contact you back.

The scheduled competitions are:

  • April 16, round 1 & 2 – MISANO
  • May 21, round 3 – VALLELUNGA
  • June 25, round 4 & 5 – MUGELLO
  • July 23, round 6 CREMONA
  • August 27, round 7 – MUGELLO
  • October 1, round 8 & 9, MISANO